Study Visits

During the last few years I have built up considerable experience in organising study visits for groups from Norway and Sweden. These groups (see below) visit to see how tourism and heritage have been jointly developed in Scotland with the intention of taking back best practice to their own areas.

I organise the itinerary to meet the needs of the group and recommend transport, accommodation and site visits. The groups are responsible for all payments as I am not an official tour operator.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss a possible 'Taylor Made' Visit

Each of the groups below had a main contact and I provide their email if you wish to check on the success of the visit.

List of tours organised

National Park Managers, Oppland County Norway

5th - 9th June 2016

Study visit looking at heritage interpretation of nature, visits to Knockan, Beinn Eighe, Cairngorms, Loch Leven and a range of FCS sites in wonderful weather.

15 participants

Contact: Marit Vorkinn (FMOPMVO@fylkesmannen.no)

'15 persons from Norwegian National Park management visited Scotland to study interpretation of protected areas. The visit was organized and guided by Bill Taylor. The trip was Thematic focused, very well Organized and Relevant to the work the participants are undertaking at home. Bill certainly made our trip very Enjoyable. To anyone who wish to go on a study trip to really learn something; Bill is well worth the money!

Marit Vorkinn, environmental supervisor at the County Governor of Oppland, Norway

NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)

11th May 2016

Visit to Cairngorms to look at nature management, access issues and tourism.  Full day itinerary starting with introductory presentation

14 participants

Contact:  Margrethe.Timgstad@nina.no

Destination Åsnen

3rd to 6th October  2015

Visit to Cairngorms National Park to look at delivery of National park aims.  On behalf of Park Authority.  Group operating in area that is to be declared a National park in 2017 in far south of Sweden

5 participants

Contact:  Karin Nilsson, Projektledare Destination Asnen

email: info@destinationasnen.se

It’s been a pleasure to cooperate with you Bill! Everything went excellent

during our visit. The content was very well matched to our requests and

everybody we met showed us the best hospitality. All meetings were

professional and well planned and fulfilled with engagement. Best wishes

Karin Nilsson, Project Manager Destination Åsnen, Sweden


Hyllestad Municipality Business Development Group

17th to 21st April 2015

Visit to Highlands - Cairngorms and Black Isle to look at nature based toursim dvelopments

13 participants

Contact: Joakim Systaddal, rural development manager Joakim Systaddal systaddal@gmail.com

Jostedalsbreen National Park Board

1st - 5th September 2014

Visit to Cairngorms National Park 

12 particpants

Contact: Tom Dybwad, Senior Adviser to County Governor, Sogn og Fjordane County     

email:  fmsfTD@fylkesmannen.no

Sogn og Fjordane Department of Environment and Climate Change

27th - 31st May 2014

Visit to Skye, Cairngorms, SNH and SEPA and Edinburgh.  First ever visit overseas by County Governor's Department.

21 Participants

Contact: Maria Collett Knagenhjelm  email: fmsfmck@fylkesmannen.no

'The Department had a full itinerary for the stay, packed with work-related aspects relevant to all themes covered in the group. The itinerary was developed in cooperation with Bill Taylor, our “nature guide” full of knowledge of the management systems, ecology and history of Scotland.  Nils Erling Yndesdal  fylkesmiljøvernsjef / Regional Director of Environment

Swedish Lapland Tourism

18th - 21st May 2014

Study visit to see how we deliver a successful tourism product in Scotland.  Meetings with key Visit Scotland staff and local DMOs for group of senior staff, management board and key tourism leaders from the northern third of Sweden.

26 participants

Contact:  Annika Fredriksson email: annika.fredriksson@swedishlapland.com

'We were a group of tourism business people from Swedish Lapland representing both strategic and operational levels organized by Bill Taylor who acted as our guide and mentor.  The trip was very educational for all of us, as we learned about how the tourism business in Scotland is organized.  The whole trip exceeded by far all our expectations with  the extra edge to the trip was given by Bill’s excellent and deep knowledge of Scotland’s tourism industry and history presented to us in a very humorous and stimulating manner.   The whole trip was unforgettable, thank’s a lot Bill, and I am happy to give my warmest recommendations.'  Jalle Svanberg Chairman Swedish Lapland Tourism     

Preikestolen Foundation

the management committee for the spectacular Pulpit Rock east of Stavanger

30th March - 2nd April 2014

Visit to Ireland to see visitor centres at Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway, Titanic Belfast and Newgrange with assistance from Failte Ireland

13 participants

Contact: Frode Søreide - email frode@MediaFarm.no

‘The scheduled trip around the two countries on the island looked quite exhausting, but was not. Everything was very well pre-planned and organised and Bill’s knowledge about Ireland’s history and how things are to-day made the longest bus trips interesting and valuable for us. In the limited time available he set up a journey that led us to very relevant places for us to see - to give us information and inspiration in our work here in Norway.’

Audun Rake  Managing Director
Lysefjorden Utvikling AS og Stiftelsen Preikestolen

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

from Finnish Lapland near the Swedish border

9th - 13th January 2014

Visit to Cairngorms National Park to study European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

8 participants

Contact: Ritva Saarensalmi ritva.saarensalmi@metsa.fi

'Many thanks for my first and an unforgettable visit to the Highlands of Scotland.  Our program was well-organized, many thanks for your help, Bill. Without your knowledge and contacts, I am sure that we couldn´t reach as good result we did.'

Ritva Saarensalmi, Senior Advisor, Natural Heritage Services, Lapland, Metsähallitus, Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

The following are from 2010 - 2013 and are listed oldest first

Kystarven project in West Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
17-22nd October 2010:
Visit to Cairngorms, Speyside, Culloden, Wester Ross and Ullapool:
21 participants
Contact: Per Arne Tveit perarne@lutelandet.no

Sørnorsk Kystnatur project in Lista region of Vest Agder, Southern Norway
11-14th September 2011:
Visit to Forvie, Speybay, Cairngorms, Black Isle:
18 participants
Contact: Bernt Erik Spinnangr adm@fns.as

Lierne and Blåfjella- Skjækerfjella National Park Centre, Nord Trondelag, Norway
19th – 23rd October 2011:
Visit to Cairngorms National Park
7 participants
Contact: Bente Estil bente@naturporten.no

Bottenvikens Skärgård project Northern Sweden
29th October to 2nd November 2011:
Visit to Caithness, Sutherland, Wester Ross and Inverness:
6 participants
Contact: Göran Wallin goran.wallin@fritid.lulea.se

Oppland County National Parks Management Group, Oppland County, Norway
23 – 27th September 2012:
Visit to Cairngorms National Park, organised on behalf of Park Authority:
20 participants
Contact: Marit Vorkinn mvo@fmop.no

On behalf of the Cairngorms National Park Authority many thanks for your excellent facilitation of the recent learning journey to the Cairngorms by politicians and representatives of National Parks in Oppland County, Norway. Your knowledge and skill in managing the group throughout their visit and background understanding of National Parks and Protected Areas in Scotland and Norway, alongside your own tourism and outdoor recreation experience added immensely to the visit. (Duncan Bryden Convener Cairngorms National Park Authority)

Bottenvikens Skärgård project Northern Sweden
15 – 22nd February 2013:
Visit to Orkney, Caithness, East Sutherland and Inverness:
13 participants
Contact: Göran Wallin goran.wallin@fritid.lulea.se

We were a group of eleven tourist- and handicraft companies who traveled to the Highlands and Orkney islands to see and learn about local tourism, arts and handicraft. Bill organized a very extensive and valuable program. During six days the group met around 20 people and companies. Thanks to Bill’s very good knowledge about Scotland and these topics the visit became very successful.
Göran Wallin (Corodinator for Bottenvikens skärgård in Swedish Lapland)

Hellingskarvet National Park Board, Southern Norway
29th April to 3rd May 2013:
Visit to Cairngorms National Park
15 participants:
Contact: Trond Erik Buttingsrud fmbuteb@fylkesmannen.no

County of Västerbotten, Sweden the Department of Nature Management
Visit to Cairngorms National Park
20th to 22nd May 2013
36 Participants
Contact: Torleif Eriksson Torleif.Eriksson@lansstyrelsen.se

County Governor of Vest-Agder - Visit by Department of the Environment,
Southern Norway to Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and Argyll
22nd to 26th May 2013
15 Participants
Contact: Atle Torvik Kristiansen fmvaatk@fylkesmannen.no

Distriktssenteret, Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane (Centre of Competence on Rural Development)
3 – 6th September 2013:
Visit to Highlands and Islands Enterprise
24 participants
Contact: Roar Werner Vangsnes roar.vangsnes@kdu.no

Setesdal Vesthei, Ryfylkeheiane and Frafjordheiane  Protected Area (Southern Norway)                                 6th - 10th October 2013
Visit to Eastern Cairngorms to look at management of upland areas and visitors
13 participants
Contact:  Mikkel E. Christensen - mikkel.christensen@svr.no


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